Disneyland Paris is a “must see” destination for a family with young children. You can book your holiday package direct through the Disneyland Paris website or, to save money, you can buy your park tickets on their own and then sort out your accommodation separately.

Driving to Disneyland Paris is very easy, especially when traveling from London or the South East. Taking your own car allows you to take unlimited luggage and does not tie you to a train or plane timetable. Driving on French motorways, Autoroutes, is a breeze compared to the M1 and M25. Eurotunnel offers a wide range of affordable tickets between Folkestone and Calais, or you can catch a ferry from Dover to Calais.

The most convenient but expensive option is to book a package through Disneyland Paris website – this includes accommodation over several days plus park tickets and free parking. Having said that, Disneyland Paris occasionally offer very competitive family packages, so keep checking their website regularly.

Cheap Disneyland Paris Tickets

The cheap option is to buy your Disneyland Paris park daily tickets, and then arrange transport and accommodation.

Disneyland Paris offers 3 ticket pricing levels: Special MINI ticket (cheapest), Special MAGIC ticket (cheap) and Special SUPER MAGIC ticket (expensive). There is nothing magical about the Magic and Super Magic tickets, they are just more expensive peak time tickets. Needless to say, our preferred option is the off-peak MINI ticket. The schedule below lists ticket availability from May 10th to September 27th 2017.

Disneyland Paris MINI, MAGIC and SUPER MAGIC tickets can be bought online. At the gates in Paris only the most expensive SUPER MAGIC tickets are available, therefore, to save money you need to buy your tickets online in advance. The price difference is quite substantial: MINI £38 (child £32), MAGIC £49 (child £43) and SUPER MAGIC £56 (child £51).

So a family of four can purchase their daily MINI tickets in advance online for £140 (one day, one park), or alternatively the price at the gate is €264 – a difference of around £100!

Tickets purchased online cannot be used on the day of purchase, so you need to buy them at least 1 day in advance.

Cheap Disneyland Paris tickets can be purchased from directly from Disneyland by clicking here. The One Day/One Park ticket offers the best value. We recommend buying tickets only for one park each day, as there are not enough hours in a day to see and enjoy two parks in one day.

Just keep in mind that one day is enough to barely scratch the surface of all attractions at either park, so we recommend to buy tickets for 2 consecutive days.

Disneyland Paris opens at 10am each day, and closes at 11pm. To get to the gates for the 10am opening you need to aim to reach the car park by 9:30am, it’s a bit of a walk. Whole day parking costs €20 for a passenger car.

Eurotunnel or Ferry to Disneyland Paris

Once you decide on your travel dates you need to start looking at the Eurotunnel, and P&O and DFDS Seaways ferry crossing prices. Our preferred option is Eurotunnel – we’ve used them many times before, we find them very reliable, fast (only 35 minutes) and their terminals in Folkstone and Calais are very clean and comfortable, with a great selection of food and great amenities.

The best Eurotunnel deal is the £46 Day Trip & Overnight return: from £23 each way, ticket must be purchased as part of a 2 day return. Return must be completed by midnight (local time) on the second calendar day. So technically it’s 48 hours only, but this is sufficient for Paris sightseeing and a whole day at Disneyland. Please note the price is from £23, usually early morning hours or late evening, and you need to book in advance.

One of our favourite things about the Eurotunel is the option to pay for tickets using Tesco Clubcard vouchers. For each £10 worth of vouchers you get £30 discount. One point worth noting is that Tesco Clubcard vouchers can be used only for Eurotunel tickets originating from Folkestone, not Calais.

Disneyland Paris Accommodation

Buying Disneyland Paris tickets and Eurotunnel or ferry tickets is very easy. Things are getting a little more complicated when selecting accommodation, mainly because of the abundance of choice – there’s a huge variety of accommodation and it’s worth hunting around for the best deal.

Apart from the onsite hotels, there are also nearby partner hotels you can stay at. Alternatively, you can stay closer to Paris – you can enjoy a great day in Paris upon arrival, then check in to your hotel, and then drive straight to Disneyland in the morning.

The closer to Disneyland or to the centre of Paris the pricier it gets, but there are some great bargains available. For a family of four, around Paris, you can spend as little as £65 for a room at a three-star hotel, including breakfast.

Driving to Paris

Apart from Eurotunnel or Ferry, and Disneyland park tickets, you need to prepare your car and make the necessary arrangements:

  • fuel – first you need to get to Folkestone or Dover, and then from Calais to Paris/Paris Disneyland. The distance from Calais is around 185 miles, and it takes about 3 hours.
  • motorway charges – French Autoroute charges are approximately €22 each way
  • Crit’air emission zone stickers – you don’t need them to get from Calais to Disneyland, unless you are planning to go to central Paris.
  • insurance – European third-party insurance cover is standard for all UK car insurance policies. To extend it to a comprehensive cover it is necessary to contact your insurance provider. Annual European cover extension costs from £40, and single trip from £25, depending on insurance company.
  • roadside assistance – this can be easily purchased from Eurotunnel, from £12
  • GB sticker – amazon.co.uk is your friend, £1
  • headlight converters – if necessary, around £5 from amazon.co.uk
  • Disneyland PAris car park – €20 per day, payable at the gate.