In its latest attempt to reduce air pollution Paris launched a new color-coded sticker scheme to restrict car use.

From January 2017 all Paris drivers, including visitors, must display compulsory anti-pollution stickers in their vehicles.

Drivers of foreign-registered vehicles have been given until April 2017 to obtain their stickers. These cost €4.18 (plus postage) and can be purchased online from the official Crit’air website.

The stickers must be displayed in areas with restricted traffic “Zones à Circulation Restreinte /ZCR“ as well as “air protection areas” being established in France.

The Crit’Air pollution stickers are divided into 6 categories and colours, and they indicate the age and cleanliness of a vehicle based on the year of first registration, energy efficiency, and the vehicle’s emissions. The “Crit’Air” system bans from Paris all diesel-fueled cars registered between January 1997 and December 2000 – these are identifiable by a grey sticker on the windscreen.

Drivers of vehicles without a sticker face a fine of €65 for cars and €135 for commercial vehicles.